Centerview Title Group, LLC is committed to continue providing reliable & safe settlement services amid the ongoing concern regarding COVID-19. The safety of our clients and employees is our top priority. Please join us in our continued efforts to prevent the spread and contraction of COVID-19 by acknowledging & adhering to our in-office safety and prevention protocol changes EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY.


  • All Centerview employees are required to wash & sanitize their hands frequently. This includes periodic washes throughout the day but especially BEFORE and AFTER meeting with clients.
  • We have begun scheduling all closings in our office, where we have control over the environment, no less than 1.5 hours apart to allow ample time for our conference rooms to be thoroughly sanitized and restocked for the next clients. We thank you for your patience!
  • We are so happy to meet all of you, but at this time, we ask that you please understand, CTG employees have been instructed to avoid personal contact such as shaking hands, fist bumping, and high fives.
  • We will have ample hand sanitizer available for our clients’ frequent use.
  • We have instituted a policy that any Employee, exhibiting an elevated temperature, no matter how slight, must immediately commencing working remotely and cannot return until fever and symptom free.


  • Only those persons essential to the Settlement may attend.  Please no children, relatives, friends etc.  Only persons who will be signing documents.
  • We ask that if any essential person has known exposure to Covid-19, has a fever in excess of the CDC recommended 100.4 or has tested positive, reschedule their settlement.
  • Once you have been shown into our conference room, we ask that you kindly proceed to our restroom area to wash and sanitize your hands prior to beginning your closing. Please keep personal items stored away to minimize the exchange of bacteria from handheld items to shared surfaces.
  • Please help us keep our doors open and unobstructed by personal items.
  • Kindly remember to cover your mouth with an elbow or tissue when sneezing and/or coughing.
  • Maintain a reasonable amount of distance between yourself and your closer.
  • The pen you have been provided for signing documents is clean and unused. Please take it with you when you leave or dispose of it in one of our conference room waste receptacles as you exit.


  •  If, after your Settlement, we discover that anyone in our office at or before the time of your Settlement has tested positive, or had close contact with anyone who has tested positive, we will endeavor to promptly notify any person who may have been affected.
  • This is a rapidly changing situation.  We will keep on top of all governmental and health care provider notices and advice and be prepared to change our processes and procedures accordingly to provide for the utmost possible safety of our clients and employees as we all work through this pandemic together.
  • We understand that your Settlement is one of the most important personal and financial transaction you will undertake.  However, nothing is more important than the health and safety of our clients and our employees.

The Real Estate Settlement process requires obtaining data and other information from myriad sources including, but not limited to, County / City Land Records Offices, State and Federal Agencies, Lenders, Home Owner Associations, Condominium Associations and Taxing Authorities.  As these sources begin to restrict their hours, close their doors and have their employees work remotely, the ability to process settlements will be severely impacted.  Centerview Title is committed to communicating with and working with our clients to help them through this unprecedented situation.

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